The Heist: Part II

You and your crime syndicate are experienced at relieving bank vaults of their cash, but jewels are an entirely different challenge!

Yorkdale Bank deals in the security of precious gems and you’ve been tasked with breaking into their high security vault, and obtaining a very specific jewel.

Your recon team has again managed to disable the security system for you for 55 minutes before the alarm sounds and alerts the authorities. Try and find this jewel if you can, however rumour has it that breaking into the vault isn’t the only challenge this time around.

You have an hour……Good luck team.

Team - 2 to 5 people
Difficulty : 5/5

Wild West Saloon

A robbery has taken place at the bank in the next town over and someone has tipped off the local sheriff's department that Ol' Bill, who owns the local saloon, and his gang are responsible.

Your sheriff has tasked you, his deputies, to search the saloon and retrieve the missing money before Ol' Bill returns.

You have an hour……

Team - 2 - 6 people
Difficulty : 3/5